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How to Choose a Foam Roller

Foam rolling allows you to do your own deep tissue massage and release built-up tension. Although the actual process of foam rolling may be uncomfortable, it is a simple solution to alleviate prolonged muscle soreness. Current foam roller users understand that foam rolling is a necessary evil if you want to recover quickly after a hard workout. It helps improve blood circulation and overall range of motion.


Surface Texture

Currently, we offer only smooth surfaced foam rollers; whether you’re an experienced foam roller user or just starting out, it is important to start with the basics. The smooth surface is ideal for evenly spreading your body weight across the roller. The pressure you will experience will not be as intense as a textured roller.  Smooth textured foam rollers are typically extruded or molded into shape.


High-density foam rollers tend to last longer than their softer counterparts. They can stand up to repeated use and hold their own over time. The color is normally an indicator of a foam rollers density. Black is the standard when looking for a hard foam roller. However, if you are just starting out on your foam rolling journey, I would begin with a white foam roller. Our white foam roller does have more give to it but is still firm enough to stand up to repeated use.


The typical diameter of a foam roller will be 6 Inches, but they do vary in length. A long roller (36 Inch) can offer full body support and is perfect for larger areas of the body. This size roller can span the length of your spine and can be used for a variety of exercises.  If you want to focus on specific areas of your body such as calves or arms, a medium length (18 Inch) foam roller is ideal. The small length (12 Inch) foam roller can be used for travel or where you have limited space to stretch out.


You can find what foam rollers we have to offer Here!

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