Transfer Boards

Our high quality transfer boards are designed to improve the day-to-day living of wheelchair users. One of the most difficult challenges a wheelchair user faces is switching from their wheelchair to a car, bed or bath. Transfer boards make switching from in and out your wheelchair much easier. This is a must have tool for any caregiver or wheelchair user. Using a transfer board significantly reduces the chance of injury while transferring.  There are a variety of sizes and styles available. Find a transfer board that meets your needs today!

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  • Transfer Board

    HDPE Polyethylene Transfer Board

    From: $57.00
  • Offset Transfer Board

  • Notched Transfer Board

    Notched Transfer Board

  • scooter transfer board

    Scooter Transfer Boards

    From: $129.95
  • Tapered Transfer Boards

    Tapered Transfer Board

  • Tapered Transfer Boards

    Non-Tapered Transfer Board

    From: $43.75

Showing all 6 results