Our selection of full size trays will fit right over your wheelchair armrests and can be secured using Velcro tray straps. All of our full size trays include Velcro tray mounting straps. We offer a variety of styles and sizes that will add convenience to you or a loved ones daily routine. Our trays provide a smooth working surface for a variety of activities that range from eating, writing, crafts, or reading.

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  • Plastic Wheelchair Tray

    Speckled Gray Wheelchair Tray

  • Slide-On Wheelchair Tray

  • Slide-On Clear Wheelchair Tray

  • Invisible Lap Tray

  • padded lap tray

    Giant Padded Lap Tray

  • 1/4” Wheelchair Tray

    From: $104.00
  • Birch Wheelchair Tray with Rim

    From: $99.00
  • 3/8” Wheelchair Tray

    From: $122.00
  • Wheelchair Tray Padding

    Wheelchair Tray Padding

    From: $40.00

Showing all 9 results