Economy Hip Replacement Kit



Designed to help individuals with low mobility complete daily tasks. The economy hip replacement kit includes all the basic tools needed for post surgery recovery. Specially selected items for recovery after hip or knee replacement surgeries. In conclusion, this kit helps people who have trouble bending, lifting, and twisting.

Economy Hip Replacement Kit:

Sock Aid

This Plastic Sock Aid measures 9 5/8″ Long x 5″ Wide x 3″ Thick with 33″ Long Cords. Constructed from smooth polyethylene plastic. This durable yet smooth plastic allows individual to easily put on either socks or stockings. This simple tool will add convenience as well as independence to you or a loved one’s daily routine. Works for a variety of socks and stockings. The included foam grip piece helps grab your sock/stocking. This keeps your sock in place on the body of the plastic sock aid. Just place the sock or stocking over the flexible plastic core and insert your foot. With an even grasp, pull the cord’s two soft foam handles to bring the sock over the heel and up leg.

Long Handle Sponge

Measures 21.5″ long; includes a 4.5″ x 2″ sponge, long handle measures 17″ long. This handle is especially helpful when washing hard-to-reach places. It helps eliminate excessive bending and reaching. It features a soft foam sponge which is gentle on sensitive skin. Great for use in the shower, bath, or for housecleaning blinds, fans, walls, floors, and much more! It works extremely well both when standing or using a bath shower chair. The antibacterial treatment used on these sponges ensure they will last long.

Reacher Grabber

Perfect for picking up small items around the house. Easily extend your reaching distance. This user friendly grabber stick is great for anyone with limited mobility. Having a reacher grabber handy reduces the need for bending or straining to pick up items. Perfect for fallen items or things located up high. Effortlessly grabs objects in hard-to-reach places such as on the floor, behind furniture, under beds, on high shelves, and more; no more moving or crawling underneath furniture to retrieve items. In conclusion, this multi-functional item is a must have for any household.

Plastic Shoehorn

Made from one continuous piece of smooth plastic that allows it to be sturdy, while still maintaining flexibility. The curved hook end can be used as a handle, or even position shoes for a perfect fit. These shoehorns are lightweight and very easy to use. The slight curve in the plastic allows this shoehorn to comfortably fit to one’s heel. Can be hung up by the plastic loop for easy and convenient storage. Helpful for shoes, boots, sandals, crocs and more!


⚠ WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –

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Includes 26'' Reacher, Includes 32'' Reacher


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