Clear Blue Pill Crusher


  • Crush pills or tablets into powder effortlessly by simply twisting the easy grip top
  • Safe and convenient way to make pills easier to swallow
  • Perfect for a variety of medication ranging in shape and size
  • Includes a clear crushing chamber and bottom split storage compartment
  • Sold individually; constructed of heavy-duty plastic; easy to clean


This pill crusher will crush a variety of medications and vitamins into a fine powder. This is the perfect tool to add to your medicine cabinet. Anyone who hates taking large or bulky pills will benefit from this crusher. Effortlessly mix the powder created by this crusher into fruit juice, oatmeal, apple sauce, and more! Simply unscrew the cap and place your medication inside. Put the cap back on and screw it clockwise until your medicine is crushed. Remove the cap and empty the contents into your preferred container. The small size of this crusher makes it easy to travel with, but its also big enough for you to crush multiple pills at once. Store your medication by unscrewing the bottom cap and placing your pills in the desired compartment. Overall, this pill crusher simplifies administering your medication.

⚠ WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –


Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 3.25 × 2 × 2 in


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