Football Shaped Hand Exercisers, Set of 5


  • Football Shaped Hand Exercisers come with 5 levels of varying resistances (x-soft, soft, medium, firm, x-firm); perfect for individuals who suffer from arthritis, carpal tunnel, or weak hands
  • Great way to work your fingers, forearms, hands, and joints; improves grip strength and endurance; relieves stiffness and joint pain
  • Increase flexibility and dexterity while reducing stress and muscle tension
  • Can be compressed repeatedly without losing shape; rigid exterior provides the user with a more efficient grip
  • Commonly used in rehabilitation centers for hand fitness and therapy exercises; various levels assist users with many hand strengths and abilities
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Rehabilitation Advantage Football Shaped Hand Exercisers are sold as a set of five. The multi-colored footballs provide various degrees of resistances: extra soft, soft, medium, firm, and extra firm. They are a great tool regardless of what level of rehab or strength building the user has. These hand exercisers can be used at home, in the office, or when traveling. They can be used for fitness, therapy, or post-surgery care. Relieve built-up tension created from long periods on the computer. Build strength for sports or activities like rock climbing, golf, tennis, playing piano, guitar, and more! These hand exercisers can also be used as a fidget toy. Providing sensory input for children with ADHD, hyperactive kids, and autism can promote concentration and focus. These hand exercisers are competitively priced and used by people of all ages and abilities.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 5 × 2 in


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