Single-Use Disposable Medipin


• Medipin’s unique design minimizes pain from pinpricks, ensuring a more comfortable diabetic screening experience
• Equipped with a safe tab to prevent accidental pricks and a protective pin guard; Medipin prioritizes user safety by preventing deep skin penetration and needle stick injuries
• Packaged as a set of 100 disposable pins, these tools are designed for one-time use, greatly reducing the risk of infection and ensuring sanitary conditions
• Medipin’s bright red plastic head can be used for visual field testing, and its breakaway tab aids in 2-point discrimination tests, making it a multipurpose tool for primary care settings
• The instrument’s short faceted point is designed to stretch rather than penetrate the skin, surrounded by an annulus to prevent excess penetration, ensuring consistent and reliable results

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Disposable Medipin represents a breakthrough in precision technology for cutaneous pinprick testing, especially in diabetic screenings. This box of 100 non-latex pins, is an essential tool in primary healthcare settings. Each Medipin features a short, sharply defined point within an annular apparatus, designed to stretch the skin surface rather than penetrate it, thereby reducing pain and risk of injury. The distinctive red plastic head not only serves as a visual aid for field testing but also integrates a breakaway tab for advanced testing like 2-point discrimination. The thoughtful design includes a safe tab and a pin guard, ensuring both user safety and ease of disposal. With its unique combination of safety, convenience, and multipurpose functionality, Medipin is an invaluable asset for diabetic patients and healthcare providers alike.

⚠ WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –

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Dimensions 4 × 3.5 × 2.5 in


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